Global Motion: A New Rotating Playground Climber from Landscape Structures

GlobalmotionWhen it comes to playgrounds, inclusive and learning-based designs help children develop for the better. Needless to say, we’re always looking for new ways to make our playscapes improve upon this idea. This means installing equipment that encourages children not only to interact with their surrounding physical environments, but also to do so in a way that encourages social interaction. One product that exemplifies this best is the all-new Global Motion™, designed by our partner, Landscape Structures.


Global Motion™ is a freestanding rotating climber that’s extremely durable, safe, and fun. It features 2 levels with netting, allowing kids to either hang out on the inside, exterior, or to run around on the ground – all while pushing it into orbit. Safety is made a priority through a progressive resistance mechanism, meaning that Global Motion™ stays at a controllable but fun speed no matter how fast kids try to spin it.

Sensory Play with Global Motion™

We’ve long been committed to the idea of “sensory play,” something that occurs when children positively interact with their peers in a natural setting. From there, they’re able to discover the world and learn important ideas on how to succeed in life. Global Motion™ accomplishes this in the following ways:

  • For kids spinning Global Motion™ into orbit, joint attention and teamwork are required – in the process, helping kids develop critical social skills.
  • Spinning with Global Motion™ requires kids to maintain posture and balance that’s important in physical development.
  • Climbing on the structure helps instill confidence by stimulating visual, tactile, and vestibular senses – all of which are extremely important in helping children learn how to navigate the larger world.
  • Multiple levels provide children with a place to rest, talk and strategize their next moves.

For every Global Motion™ we integrate into a playground design, that’s one more opportunity for a child to have a positive experience that’s critical to both their physical and emotional development. By doing this, we’re literally changing the world through play. For more on Global Motion™, visit Landscape Structures’ webpage.