A Partnership of Play

Since 2009, we have been proud to utilize Landscape Structures outdoor play equipment in our Minneapolis and Minnesota playgrounds. Committed to providing great products, design, and customer service, Landscape Structures provides opportunities for children and adults of all abilities to play, learn, and grow.

Industry Leaders

Since 1971, Landscape Structures has established itself as the leader in innovation, design, quality, and environmental practices. Working every day to create spaces for children and adults of all abilities to enjoy, Landscape Structures is committed to fostering growth and education through play.

Innovation = Forward

By fostering a culture of forward thinking, Landscape Structures has led with innovation from the beginning. Leaders in concepts of continuous play, inclusive play, and nature-inspired design, Landscape Structures looks to lead, not follow, with their work. Through innovations in shade, wellness, and music, Landscape Structures has expanded play for everyone.

The Potential of Play

Our environment influences how we learn and grow. In designing spaces that reflect the local environment, stronger development outcomes can emerge. In looking at the “why” behind design, Landscape Structures works to develop capabilities that look at play as a tool for development, growth, and education.