French Regional Park

Plymouth, MN

Three Rivers Park District’s French Regional Park playground is a custom force to be reckoned with!

The community needed to replace their old wooden net structure and they wanted to keep the same look, but add in modern elements.  And we hit the mark!    From little ones to adults, there is a challenge for everyone!


Design Elements

A few fun facts about this custom playground: -Max Height: 28'-9" (Grade to Top of tallest Tower) -Slides: 4 (5-12 year old area), 2 (2-5 year old area) -Tallest Slide: 12'-5" From Sitting surface to Grade (large tower slide) -Climbable nets: 43 in 5-12 year old structure and , 4 cargo nets on 2-5 year old area -Non-Climb Nets: 6

Community Custom Inclusive Landform Nature-Based