Partners in Play

Our design process is a collaborative experience for our team and our clients. Instead of working in a vendor/client dynamic, we take a partnership approach to creating an incredible outdoor playground design Minnesota families can enjoy for years to come. We look to have a conversation, a platform to begin to establish a vision. Our team will redefine the way you see playgrounds by showing you how to provide opportunities for inclusive play that positively impact your community.

Programming, Site Analysis, and Needs Assessment

Our custom playground design in Minneapolis communities begins with understanding the local environment and the activities that will take place there. From this assessment, we are able to draw connections and inspiration to the design. Seeing the opportunities and constraints offered by the location provides us a clear canvas to design your vision for the space, allowing everyone the opportunity to play.

Conceptual Design

Now that an understanding of location, needs, and programming has been established, a conceptual design can begin to form. As we move forward, the client’s vision stands at the forefront of our collaborative process, which is why we are often considered the best provider of playground design services Minnesota has to offer. Soon, a space that integrates into the local environment and captures the vision and the heart of the community begins to develop.

Schematic Design & Budget

Following client feedback, we revise the conceptual design and create a scaled drawing allowing for preliminary budgeting. The budget is based completely on client input on equipment, materials, organization, and unique playground site design for Minnesota neighborhoods.

Final Design & Construction

When the vision is realized, a final design is prepared for client approval. Details are prepared for construction and pending site elements and weather, the build begins.

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