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Landscape Structures

Nearly all of Landscape Structures products are manufactured in America. Keeping things close to home gives greater control over quality, costs and sustainability.  Landscape Structures is proud to have a home in Delano, Minn., and is proud to deliver on the American heritage of play and innovation to our customers.


Landscape Structures Warranty

Dumor, Inc.

DuMor, Inc., is a proud U.S. manufacturer of  site furnishings, and was founded over 30 years ago based on the steadfast belief in providing the best quality product. This tradition of attention to quality along with DuMor's commitment to providing superior customer service continues today and makes DuMor one of the leading names in the site furnishings industry.


Dumor Site Furnishings Warranty 


Surface America

Since 1993, Surface America has completed thousands of recreational & athletic projects and millions of square feet throughout the US.  They incorporate the best material components available and feature engineered characteristics specific to maximum performance and safety for the application. And utilize their own coast-to-coast network of certified specialty contractors and installation crews. All materials used in our products are made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Surface America Warranty