Grant Illusions vs. True Grants 

Grants are used by some playground manufacturers to lock clients into quickly purchasing before giving real consideration to quality, longevity, personalized design and play value.  These deceptive marketing tactics are not really grants, just inflated, limited-choice, package designs that are then discounted back down to the actual price.

A true grant benefits the people receiving the grant!!  There are many REAL grant programs available and we can help you through the process!

The most important things you can do when considering a grant program are:

  • Follow your community’s purchasing rules. Use approved purchasing contracts or public bid processes (including these grant illusion offers) as required. Grant offers for playground equipment do not usurp your communities purchasing rules.
  • Ask for comparable structure designs and cost comparison from other manufacturers to ensure that the pricing is not inflated!  Look for apples to apples.
  • Know the grant terms.  Private for profit companies do not offer financial grants to customers and then require those customers to use the grant monies to buy their equipment.  Ensure that the “grant” isn’t a shady promotion or discount.

How can we help navigate it all?  Ask us today for a price comparison and an in-depth review on the play value of each component. We also support Community Engagements as you work to finalize your project. We’ll supply posters, pictures for social media and even host outdoor public events, at no charge, to help you gain community support and keep everyone involved.

Landscape Structures also has helpful information and tips to help you navigate the grant application process.  Everything you need to know from planning, fundraising and available opportunities. Use the quick links below to find out more.

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