Connecting to the Local Environment

Playing outside, in the local and natural environment, provides unlimited opportunities for growth, development, and discovery. We work to incorporate local elements and nature-inspired components into designs, enhancing the play experience for all. The result is a welcoming space, accented with natural playground equipment Minnesota families can enjoy for years to come.

Nature-Inspired Play

Play improves wellbeing for all. By connecting children to natural, outdoor elements, the play experience is expanded. Green spaces and natural environments have been shown to reduce anxiety, improve academic performance, and increase motor skills and strength. Children are able to use exploration and way-finding to learn about local, historical elements and nature itself through our nature-inspired playgrounds in Minneapolis and its surrounding communities.

Designing With Nature in Mind

Rather than replacing the environment, we work to incorporate local and natural elements into our designs for natural playgrounds in Minnesota communities. Through the use of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), local and custom themes can add an iconic touch to a space while respecting the existing environment. Through our design process, we work to gain an understanding of the space and how a child would interact with components. From there, conceptual concepts express how the space will play into the local environment.

Go Outside!

Above all, kids need to get back outside. Unstructured outdoor play allows kids to grow and learn through their experiences. The environments in which they do that are extremely important to their overall development. A nature-based playground in Minnesota allows families and children to reconnect to the environment and discover the amazing world around them. Having established ourselves as leaders within the nature-based movement, we and Landscape Structures offer various Learning Academies, designed to educate on nature-based design topics. Contact us today to learn more and begin your journey into the world of nature-based play.

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