All Children Have the Right to Play

We believe that everyone, regardless of ability or age, deserves the opportunity to play as they choose. Along with Landscape Structures, we champion ourselves on Inclusive Play with our accessible playgrounds Minneapolis families can share together.

What is Inclusive Play?

An Inclusive Playground is an environment that allows everyone, regardless of ability, the opportunity to play. This involves creating a rich sensory environment that allows the child to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Inclusive playgrounds in Minneapolis offer the opportunity for the entire community to play, together.

The Senses at Play

By using their senses, children discover the world around them. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when children are at play, and our accessible playground equipment in Minneapolis neighborhoods maximizes this opportunity. Behaviors can be learned and developed through sensory-rich experiences that promote learning, physical growth, and social interaction. We design inclusive environments with specific components, materials, and concepts that lend themselves to these ideals.

Leading the Way

At Flagship Recreation, we have dedicated ourselves to Impacting Communities. Inclusive Play is a passion of ours and, through our work, we have led the way in creating inclusive environments for Minnesota families. From the establishment of the first inclusive playground within the Minneapolis Park Board system to the one-of-a-kind structure at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital, we have constructed over ten inclusive playgrounds within the state since 2009. Along with Landscape Structures, we offer numerous Continuing Education opportunities and Learning Academies to promote this message of inclusion. Contact us today to learn more about these opportunities and the amazing world of Inclusive Play.


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