2018 New Products by Landscape Structures

FitCore Extreme

FitCore Extreme:

Now you can create your own custom fitness course using combinations of 38 predesigned pieces.

Alpha Link Towers

Alpha Link Towers:

Two towers double the climbing challenges and are linked by an elevated crawl tunnel for an exhilarating scramble from one tower to the other. It’s a physical and social wonderland where imaginations can literally soar!

Friendship Swing

Friendship Swing:

This multi-user swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multigenerational family. The Friendship™ Swing is a great way for friends, siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy time together.

The Centre

The Centre:

Connecting a Loft, Fire Station, and Market Cafe with elevated crawl tunnels creates a whole village for kids to explore. Offering physical activities, imaginative play opportunities, and learning prompts, the Centre focuses on whole-child development in a fun and playful setting.

Skyways Shade

Skyways Shade:

SkyWays® offer the largest break from the sun. Designed to block up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler.

Facet Forms

Facet Forms:

This collection of modular forms is inspired by the natural geometries of geodes, minerals and other elements in nature. Facet™ Forms invite endless chances to climb and explore. Made from concrete, these cool and contemporary looking structures will withstand years of rugged activity. Choose from several configurations to fit a variety of spaces and budget.



Spring Riders, available with coil springs, add fun to any playground. Tons of rocker styles available including fire engines, airplanes, horses and dinosaurs including our newest DigiRider™ featuring our DigiFuse® Panels.


Rhapsody 2-5 years

Rhapsody 2-5 years:

Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments create a collection of chimes, metallophones, and drums that welcome musicians of all abilities to discover the subtle shifts of tones and individual sounds combinations.